For her, who prioritizes quality in every aspect of their lives.

For her, who appreciates beauty in the whisper of simplicity.

For her, who bets on what is real; for that which time does not touch.

For her, who weaves firm foundations and incorporates her values in each step.

For her, who lives countless lives and several days in one.

For her, who carries elegance in the subtle fibers of the soul.

And for her, who recognizes lines of expression as the gestures of a life lived intentionally.

For her, we created Vyshniauskas: an ode to linen, designed for urban life, created in Colombia.

About Vyshniauskas

Vyshniauskas is a signature brand that was founded in 2021 with the goal of redefining linen. Linen is a noble fabric that is kind to the body and the environment, and Vyshniauskas wants to weave its beauty into urban life through sophisticated cuts, accents, and details that reflect the cosmopolitan essence of Colombian designer Vanessa Vyshniauskas Matera, who is currently based in Barranquilla.

The fabric of linen is born from the earth and expresses itself through its characteristic wrinkles, which are gestures of life itself. It adapts to the shapes of the body and is elegant as itself. If you are a devotee of this fiber, Vyshniauskas was created for you so that you can wear it in its purest state, daily and for special occasions, today and over time.

Sobre Vyshniauskas

Nace de la tierra, respira, se adapta a las formas del cuerpo y se expresa a través de sus arrugas, tan características, que son gestos de la vida misma. El lino es una fibra noble, amable con el cuerpo y con su entorno, y elegante como él solo. Si eres devota de esta fibra, Vyshniauskas fue creada para ti; para que puedas lucirla en su estado más puro, en el día a día y para ocasiones especiales, hoy y a través del tiempo. Fundada en 2021, esta firma de autor aspira a resignificar el lino entretejiendo su belleza en la vida urbana a través de sofisticados cortes, acentos y detalles que reflejan la esencia cosmopolita de su diseñadora colombiana actualmente establecida en Barranquilla, Vanessa Vyshniauskas Matera.


About Vanessa Vyshniauskas Matera

From Barranquilla, Colombia, and with Lithuanian roots; from everywhere and at the same time from nowhere. From East to West, Vanessa traveled the world until in 2020 fate invited her back home and circumstances suggested she undertake starting her clothing line. This is how Vyshniauskas, a designer brand, is born; a tribute to linen; a blank canvas to tell stories.

They say that art is an extension of the being; the Asian cuts, Latin accents, and Mediterranean freshness relate Vanessa's adventure across the map, while the most subtle of details reveal her attraction to pieces from bygone eras. Through design, she dedicates poems to her muses: extraordinary women, and friends from all over, who marked her path. Know her art. Get involved in its story. Fall in love with Vyshniauskas.



Loyalty. Interchangeability. Nobility. Expression. Novelty.

  • Loyalty

    We are loyal to our values when making our pieces, handmade with conscience in Colombia.

  • Interchangeability

    From day to night, from everyday to occasional; We believe that fashion should adapt to the versatile routine of the contemporary women, not the other way around.

  • Nobility

    We make pieces of 100% linen with the quality they require to embark on a journey of generation weaving stories through time.

  • Expression

    We believe that the beauty of linen lies in its genuine expressions, in its ability to mold to the shape of the body and become a second skin that lives, breathes and expresses itself freely.

  • Novelty

    Through signature design, we redefine linen so that it can stand out with its elegance, timelessness and freshness in the urban scene.