• Patterning and Cutting

    The pattern is carefully made to reduce waste at the time of cutting. The leftover cuts are used to create small accessories.

  • Materials and Supplies

    Our current collection is 100% linen, a natural fiber that comes from the stem of the flax plant. This textile is sustainable and resistant, and also allows you to avoid the use of chemicals in the fields. These properties, among others, make linen a durable and long-lasting material.

  • Recycling

    We recycle production waste to make tops and small accessories, making sure to make the most of all available material.

  • Production

    We work with local workshops that have optimal working conditions and fair salaries. We are “slow fashion”, we make few references and we do not follow the established fashion calendar. We are looking for artisans to collaborate and thus support our community.


Our bags and labels are made in earthpact; a material made 100% with sugar cane fiber and completely free of bleaching chemicals.

A clean, fresh and natural image obtained from sugar cane bagasse that gives them a unique color and produced with the highest standards in their manufacturing process.

Earth Pact Benefits:

  • Save 20% water in the process.

  • Saves 7% energy.

  • Reduces CO2 emissions by 7%.

  • Reduces 100% of optical brighteners.

Vístete de Colombia

In October 2022 we became part of the #VISTETEDECOLOMBIA community; “…a civic movement that makes visible, promotes and strengthens the sustainable development of the industry made by Colombian minds and hands.”